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Monday, June 8, 2020

Letter from GOP Chairman Alexander Muromcew

There they go again. What is it about Democrats and taxes? I am reluctant to perpetuate stereotypes, but nine out of ten of our elected town council and county commissioners just approved putting a sales tax increase on the November ballot. When in doubt raise taxes! Kudos to Mark Barron, our elected Republican on the county commission, for being the sole vote in opposition to the sales tax increase.

We are in an economic crisis. Our local businesses are struggling, and unemployment is high. The Federal Government is pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into our economy to support workers and small businesses. The State of Wyoming is injecting hundreds of millions into the economy with the same goal. And what is our local response? What is the town and county’s plan to support workers and local business? Raise taxes of course. It is like driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake.

It is a worrisome addiction, this devotion to tax and spend. We had seven fat years when sales taxes increased +7% - +10% a year. Our elected officials’ biggest worry was how to spend it all.

Folks, times they are a changin’. We need new leadership, new people on town council and the county commission who can lead and demonstrate how we can do more with less.

- Alexander Muromcew

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