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Friday, March 24, 2017
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Alexander Muromcew

Vogelheim Tapped to Lead Teton County GOP

Local Party Elects New Leadership with Focus on Conservation, Fiscal Accountability & Respect for Individual Freedoms

Jackson, Wyoming – With a focus on promoting conservation, fiscal accountability and respect for individual freedoms, the Teton County Republican Party convened Wednesday evening to elect new officers and begin discussions over party priorities for the next two years.

“Teton County Republicans have a proud history of championing conservation, promoting economic vibrancy and protecting individual freedoms,” said outgoing chair Tote Turner. “Now more than ever, it is important for us to stay true to these values – values shared by so many of us who are blessed to call Teton County home.”

“There is no question our community faces a number of serious challenges,” said newly elected chair, Commissioner Paul Vogelheim. “Be it meeting our workforce housing goals, addressing our transportation needs or protecting wildlife and open spaces, Teton County Republicans are committed to working on—and delivering—solutions.”

Teton County Republican Party officers and precinct committee members elected the following leadership to serve two-year terms:

Chairman: Teton County Commissioner Paul Vogelheim
Vice-Chair: Nikki Gill
State Committeeman: Senator Leland Christensen
State Committeewoman: Lisa Price
Executive Committee (7 Members):
Barbara Allen
Audrey Cohen-Davis
Trey Davis
Keith Gingery
Becket Hinckley
Paul Perry
Kristin Walker

“I applaud the incredible work Tote has done in leading the Teton County GOP, bringing in new members and laying the groundwork for success in 2018,” said Vogelheim. “We have some incredible young talent here in Teton County, like our new vice-chair Nikki Gill, and I look forward to working with them to braid in younger generations of Republicans throughout the valley.”

After his election as chair, Vogelheim released a draft of guiding party principals for consideration and debate. The three central pillars of the proposal are Fiscal Accountability and Economic Vibrancy; Conservation and Public Access; and Respect and Compassion for Individual Freedoms. Vogelheim cited the Republican Party’s conservation legacy in establishing national parks, monuments, wildlife refuges and legislation like the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act, while expanding wilderness lands and wild and scenic rivers.

“Conservation and responsible land stewardship are key conservative values shared today in Teton County,” said former Teton County Commissioner and Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited President Barbara Allen. “We have an obligation to protect and preserve our public lands, waters and wildlife populations for our generation and those to come. Republicans in Teton County have been at the forefront of doing just that for decades. That’s a legacy we are committed to preserving.”

"I’m very proud to be a ‘Teton Republican' and to have the opportunity to represent the values we as a local party prioritize – especially conservation,” said Vogelheim. “From advocating for farmers and ranchers to hunters and recreationalists, we understand the importance of maintaining open spaces and public access.”

Vogelheim has been a Teton County Commissioner since 2008 and served as the Chair of Board of Commissioners. He was the 2016 recipient of Wyoming County Commissioner Association (WCCA) Commissioner of the Year—“Riding for the Brand” and serves as Chair of WCCA’s Revenue Committee. He also serves on the boards of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, ConservAmerica, Jackson Hole Air, Jackson Hole Friends of Scouting and was one of the founders of the Jackson Hole Food Cupboard (food bank).

“As the state continues to feel the crunch of the energy downturn, ensuring Teton County has strong Republican leadership both locally and in Cheyenne is more important than ever,” said State Senator and Teton County GOP State Committeeman Leland Christensen. “Paul understands the importance of broadening our base here in Teton County, recruiting new talent and ensuring Teton County has a seat at the table in tackling relevant state and national issues. He’ll do a terrific job as chair.”



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