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Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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Alexander Muromcew

Teton County GOP Announces Opposition to Federal Land Transfer Local Party Calls Transfer a ‘Threat to Public Access, Our Conservation Heritage and Responsible Land Stewardship’

Jackson, Wyoming – As debate surrounding the potential transfer of federal lands to individual states continues throughout the west, the Teton County Republican Party Executive Committee voted to oppose the wholesale transfer of federal lands citing the critical importance of public lands to Teton County’s economy, community character and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

“Conservation and responsible land stewardship are key conservative values shared today in Teton County,” said Teton County Republican Party Chairman Paul Vogelheim. “We have an obligation to protect and preserve our federal public lands, our pristine waters, and wildlife populations for our generation and those to come. As a result, it is imperative to voice our strong opposition to any comprehensive attempts at the local, state or federal level to shift ownership of federal lands to states.”

The Executive Committee of the Teton County Republican Party voted to adopt the following position:

The Teton County Republican Party stands with conservationists, sportsmen, anglers, hunters and recreationalists in strongly opposing the wholesale transfer of federal lands to individual states.

We believe a change in ownership of our public lands is a threat to public access, our conservation heritage and Teton County’s longstanding tradition of responsible stewardship. We encourage local solutions and partnerships that can improve management of federal lands for the preservation, use and enjoyment of all.

Earlier this year, the Teton County Republican Party released new guiding party pillars. These include a focus on Fiscal Responsibility & Private Sector Solutions; Conservation & Responsible Stewardship and Respect & Compassion for Individual Freedoms.

As pioneers of responsible land stewardship more than a century ago, Republicans led the charge to establish our national parks, monuments and wildlife refuges while expanding our wilderness lands and wild and scenic rivers. The Republican Party’s conservation legacy continues today in Teton County where local and state Republican leaders have worked hard to preserve and protect the areas ecosystem, to support ranching and farming operations to help maintain open space and to ensure access to public lands for hunting, fishing and recreation.


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