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Thursday, April 18, 2019
Press Contact:
Alexander Muromcew

A Letter from New Teton County GOP Chairman Alexander Muromcew

Dear Members of the Teton County GOP,

At our recent county meeting in March, I was honored to be elected
as your new county Chair. Many of you may remember me as the
Republican candidate for Wyoming House District 23 last fall. It is
humbling to follow in the footsteps of Paul Vogelheim, and I’m sure
you join me in gratitude for his service as our county chair.

While November 2020 may seem far away, we need to start planning
and laying the groundwork for the next election now. In 2018, the
Democrats won 9 of the 10 elected town, county and state seats in
the election. At the State level, Teton County is now represented in
Cheyenne by three Democrats (Mike Gierau, Andy Schwartz and
Mike Yin) and Independent Jim Roscoe. In such a heavily-Republican
dominated legislature, Democrats are unable to represent us

The deadline to file for candidates is only 14 months away, and as of
today, we are recruiting candidates for 2020. We need every single
one of you to lean in and support Teton County GOP in order to
advance great candidates. You can connect with us by subscribing to
emails, follow our Facebook page, and in general, be proud to be a

Most importantly and immediately, please talk to your friends and
neighbors to share our local platform:

Fiscal Responsibility & Private Sector Solutions
Conservation & Responsible Stewardship
Respect & Compassion for Individual Freedoms.

Please join me in thanking your Executive Committee:

Maureen Murphy, Vice Chair
Mark Barron, State Committee Man
Mary Martin, State Committee Woman
Tote Turner
Heidi Schmillen
Chris Woolley
Rob Wallace
Audrey Cohen Davis
Tom Smitts
Trey Davis
Cornelius Kinsey, Treasurer
Nikki Gill, Secretary


Alexander Muromcew
Teton County GOP Chair


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