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Friday, April 10, 2020
Press Contact:
Alexander Muromcew

Teton County GOP Hosts Virtual County Convention Local Party Adopts Platforms that Support Local Families & Businesses

Jackson, Wyoming– The Teton County Republican Party hosted their bi-annual convention on Tuesday, April 7 to set local party priorities, adopt platforms and resolutions, and select delegates for the upcoming Wyoming State Convention. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the county convention was hosted online.

“I’d like to thank members of the Teton County GOP, delegates, precinct committee men and women as well as members of the public who participated in the convention,” said Teton County GOP Chairman Alex Muromcew. “There is no question Teton County faces difficult challenges made only more complex by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Local Republicans are committed to being a part of the solutions, advocating for commonsense policies that can help address our housing shortage, protect open spaces and help local businesses thrive.”

The Teton County GOP approved a platform that encourages fiscal conservatism and private sector solutions as well as respect for private property rights and individual freedoms. The local party continues to support limited government that derives its power from the people they represent and adheres to the state and federal constitutions.

As in past years, the focus of the 2020 Resolutions is on local and state issues. In addition to making improvements and reinforcing support for 41 Resolutions adopted by the Teton County GOP in 2018, which includes support of conservation and protection of natural resources and wildlife, multiple use of BLM and non-wilderness areas of our National Forests, efforts to facilitate private and public employee housing, an all-inclusive national energy policy, and a diversified Wyoming economy, the local party adopted 8 new resolutions.

These new adopted resolutions include support for improving safety on Interstate 80, support for the University of Wyoming’s hospitality/tourism programs, small businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities, and zoning that enables private sector workforce housing solutions.

Other adopted resolutions oppose the second general excise tax, parking meters in Jackson, reduced parking limit in Jackson, and encourage Federal Land Managers to address wildlife reduction plans with local and state officials prior to beginning any action.

For more information, visit the Teton County GOP Facebook page at facebook.com/tetoncountywyominggop/. Inquiries can also be sent to info@tetongop.com.



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